Pinconning Township Board:  (List Members)
          Purpose: These elected board members govern the operations of the Township. Examples(not limited to): Budgeting, approve payment of expenses, discuss new projects and have an open forum to public comments and concerns. Meetings are generally held on every 2nd Tuesday on the Month (meeting times do vary). Exceptions do happen and special meetings can be called. Please see the Calendar or Bulletin Board in front of the main entrance for complete details, currently scheduled meetings. Meeting minutes are available to the public.

Planning &
 Zoning Board:(List of Members)
          Purpose: Planning and Zoning board reviews land and bldg use proposals relating to boundaries, zoning districts, current regulations, ordinances, etc.. making recommendations to other local TWP boards. 

DDA (Downtown Development Authority) Board:(List of Members)
          Purpose: Michigan Legislature (Public ACT 57-2018-2) is summarized by Michigan Econimic Development Corp as "The DDA provides for a variety of funding options including a tax increment financing mechanism, which can be used to fund public improvements in the downtown district and the ability to levy a limited millage to address administrative expenses." DDA meeting minutes are available to the public.

TWP Code Enforcement Board (TCE):(List of Members)
          Purpose: To maintain Federal, State and local construction standards and use ordinances. includes at least; Mechanical (Building construction/use), Plumbing, Electrical, Land use, etc...

Board of Appeals (Zoning):(List of Members)
          Purpose: To hear and review a zoning applicates proposals which has already been reviewed by the zoning board but was declined (in part or whole). Note: Application for appeal must be filed.

Board of Review (Assessing):(List of Members)
          Purpose: To review Parcel (land/personal property) assessments as calculated by the Assessor. Meetings are generally three times a year. March, July an December. March Meetings are for public tax assessment review. No formal application required to for assessment review, see Calendar or Bulletin board for March meeting times.
Northern Bay Ambulance Board:(List of Members)
Pinconning Fraeser Fire Board:(List of Members)
Dangerous Building Comittee:(List of Members)
Sheriff Committee:(List of Members)
Election Commission:(List of Member)
Zoning Board of Appeals:(List of Members)